Product Innovation.

Precast Wall Innovation

Ideal Building Systems is committed to providing clients with precast walls made from the most cutting edge processes couple with the latest equipment technology. Panels are created with the utmost quality control and are poured in a tightly timed setting to meet project shipping deadlines for customers. Our team listens to building needs and works closely with the production team to implement any changes to better satisfy the customers specific project needs.

Ideal Building Systems Precast Walls

     Ultimate Quality Control in the Production Process

Precast Wall InnovationConsultation and Engineering. Initial consulting is done with the client to review schematics or drawings of the project to review budget, schedule, and capabilities with precast panels. Customization of a project can be done at this stage to adjust details to better suit specific building needs. Construction Drawings are sent to the engineering team to design the panel construction layout. Plans are then sent back to the owner for review and approval of the panel design.

Precast Wall InnovationManufacturing and Customization. Ideal Building Systems requires a minimal lead time from clients to remain as flexible as possible for their construction schedule. The manufacturing process can also allow some customization to accommodate specific needs a project may have to ensure structural support, increase the speed of the project, or better fit into the overall design. Basic components such as insulation and framing are integrated into the walls manufacturing process to reduce the customers construction process. The forms are custom set by an experienced crew; then ready to be cast and poured to be delivered to your site within 24 hours.

Precast Wall InnovationFinishing. After the walls are broom finished and cured, they are stored vertically on site until they are ready to be shipped. When a site is ready for delivery, walls are loaded vertically on trucks and hauled to the site.

Precast Wall InnovationErecting. Once the site is properly prepped, experienced crews are set to install the precast panels to form a monolithic structure. The precast panels are reinforced laterally by being bolted together as well as slab ties being bolted together and then braced for further framing. Once finished, customers can then begin their next phase of building with the ultimate satisfaction of knowing the amount of time they have saved. These precast walls not only offer a safe and solid investment for the builder, but also offer a 15 year warranty to end users.